I made it through the wilderness…

I finally made it through.  My Air Force career lives on for at least another 6 months.  Yesterday was one of my annual Fitness Testing days.  I hate this day, I loathe this day, I spend this day pretty much bBarbie, the Fitness Instructoreing a giant ball of suck.  I’m sure most people would figure, “Hey this chick must be in shape, she’s in the military.”  It’s not that I am unfit, I’m just not a strong runner, and I definately don’t work out like I should.  More than anything I dread this day because it means my career is on the line.  My annual performance report closes out today, as a matter of fact, and a PT failure would turn my glowing 5 rating into a referral that would more than likely stop me from testing for promotion next year.  Someone up there must like me, because I passed.  Now hubby just needs to make good on his promise of an iPad 3 and a trip to Pizza Hut. Just a little additional incentive.  Plus, my formally anti-i-device husband has now decided he enjoys playing games on the iPad and has stolen it.

On a non-PT related note, Joseph went back to school this week. I have to be honest, i’m not really wowed by his teachers. Maybe we were spoiled, because his teachers in Mom’s Day Out last year were amazing. I’m trying to tell myself that it’s the first week and the lead instructor’s first year teaching.  Maybe they just need to get their groove on.  So far it just seems disorganized.  They have 3 kids named Owen, they can’t remember anyone’s names.  There’s little nametags on each place at the table, and yesterday morning I heard them call one of the other kids Joseph, as he was sitting at Joseph’s tag.  Meanwhile I try and let them know that I still have Joseph, as he screams loud enough to make someone passing by assume he is being flayed alive.  I tried to take him aside and calm him down, nothing doing.  The teacher tells me, with this look that just came off as irritated, that it was better just to leave.  Thanks lady, I’m well aware oMy good luck charm.f that.  It’s a little difficult with my 2 year old wrapped around my legs. He wanted nothing to do with her and screamed louder everytime she tried to take him.  They tell me he is fine after I go, but it is disheartening to walk away leaving my child screaming for me. Tom says if he’s going to keep up like this that we might as well just pull him out.  It’s not like he needs to go anyway with a stay-at-home-dad.  The fact is, I think it’s good for Joseph and good for Tom, and it’s only for 6 hours a day, 3 times a week.  Anyone else deal with horrible separation anxiety with their children?  I am open to suggestions.  I don’t want to traumatize my kid, but I don’t want to stunt his development by potentially missing out on a great educational opportunity.


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