Ain’t nobody gonna break my stride…

I think it’s safe to say this week has been pretty hellacious. I’ve been yelled at, had my leadership abilities questioned, gotten slapped with deadlines on things that got dumped on me from others and really just lost my focus. My motivation went out the window, and as a result I started seeing it in my subordinates. That was when I knew it was time to restructure myself and get my airmen back on track. I dropped my math class for starters. It became apparent that I couldn’t keep up with the material and wasn’t going to pass. I figured if I drop it now then I only have to pay part of it back rather than all of it. Next, I had the “Come to Jesus” meeting with my guys. If that offends anyone, I’m sorry, but it really is an accurate description. I basically stand in front of everyone, talk about what ails us, and try and get them to see the light. As far as the massive amount of project dumped on me, some super awesome fellow NCOs have jumped on board and helped. I owe some people beer. The *insert your choice of insult* NCO that had the tift with me, well…we had it out. I won’t go into all the details, it’s not worth it. If people really want to know they can ask. I apologized and walked away feeling the bigger person, though I feel justified in my original actions.

You know what makes all of that small potatoes though? I played with my kid.




I don’t think I need to say much more than that. Hope everyone has an awesome day.


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