All you’re ever gonna be is mean…

You, with your words like knives
And swords and weapons that you use against me
You, have knocked me off my feet again
Got me feeling’ like a nothin
You with your voice like nails on a chalkboard
Calling me out when I’m wounded
You, picking’ on the weaker man.

Anyone remember the Little Rascals? They had a club called the He-Man Women Haters. Well, apparently some of my co-workers are pledging for membership. I work with some sexist, straight-up rude people. The worst part? They outrank me, which means anything I say is met with “I’m a Tech Sergeant and you’re a Staff Sergeant”, followed by attempts at intimidation. It sucks. I can’t even stand up for my airmen without being reprimanded for being disrespectful. Yes, they have started in with my female airmen, and with my airman with a functional disability.

It all started when I opened up the can of worms that our finances were being mishandled, after being put in the position of shift lead for nights. Basically I do the job of a Tech Sergeant, but I have no line number to put the rank on, nor do I get any extra pay. Since said incident I have had a finger pointed in my face and been “counseled” in front of airmen and other supervisors. I have put up with being made to look incompetent. I’ve been told by this individual not to put some of my people in certain positions, I’ve also been told I was having my schedule taken over. This person is not even on my shift. I feel stuck.

Someday I’ll be living in a big old city
And all you’re ever gonna be is mean
Someday I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me
And all you’re ever gonna be is mean

I let it get to me. I took it personally. I know that’s what they want. They’ve seen they can do it once, and they will continue to do it again until they break me. It’s what bullies do. I let them get the upper hand. Not only do I owe it to myself to gain back the control, but I owe it to my airmen. I just think it’s really sad that the caveman mentality is still around. I can’t control people’s opinions but we (women) went through the same basic training to get where we are and we deserve to be respected. One of the bullies wife is military as well. I wonder how he would feel if he knew someone was talking to his wife the way he talks to the women he works with.

I’ll bet you got pushed around
Somebody made you cold
But the cycle ends now
Cause you can’t lead me down that road

Time to be the better person. I’m sure somewhere these people were bullied themselves. Maybe they had some bad experiences with women. Who knows. What I do know is, karma will find its way back around to give that swift butt kicking.

On a non-work related note, I had a great weekend with my boys. We didn’t do anything extravagant. Last Friday we went to dinner together, spent some time at the playground, and enjoyed a day at a local park. It was great to be outside. Apologies for the quality of the photos, but for some reason using WordPress on my iPad really lowers the resolution. I hope everyone else is loving life.


Song & lyrics: “Mean” by Taylor Swift. No copyright violations intended,

Photos shot with Hipstamatic for iPhone


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