Cry to me

Before I get into the portion of the post that is relevant to the title, I just want to talk about a few things non-related. First off, I am going to confess that I harbor an undying love for all things cheesecake. There is a little coffee shop on base that sells a few different varieties of Cheesecake Factory brand cakes, and much to my delight this morning, they had Pumpkin. Not only was it delicious, but served as a reminder that Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner. I can do without cold weather, but I really enjoy this time of year. I enjoy taking my son trick-or-treating and watching him eat enough candy to send him into diabetic shock, run around like a goon, followed by the resulting crash. It does make me a little sad that I don’t live closer to family. I miss our Thanksgiving dinners and wish I felt like I could start making my own holiday traditions. Most of my last nine Thanksgivings have been spent at work. Two of those were spent in the middle east on deployment. Bummer. Someday, Danielle, someday.

The second non-related topic: Season 4 of Glee started this week! Yes, I am a proud Gleek! I don’t have cable, but downloaded the first episode to watch on my iPad. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, but it was enjoyable. Good musical choices, and I like some of the new characters and the way they have woven the departed cast into the story.

Now, back to relevance. We are in our third week of school and neither Tom nor I have made that connection with Joseph’s teachers like we’d hoped. Apparently my child hasn’t made the connection either. I always feel horrible walking out the door while Joseph is screaming. The books say it’s normal, other parents say it’s normal, and that I have to keep the see-you-later’s brief or it makes it worse. It does not help that the teachers look at me like I am fueling the fire, and that my child is bothersome for shrieking and trying to form a blockade at the door to keep me from leaving.This morning was the first drop-off I’ve done in awhile due to work issues, and I felt…out of place. I’m probably one of, if not the only military mother in the class. I’m pretty sure most of the other moms are SAHMs. There were at least two other children that looked just as miserable. That’s probably what set mine off. Now I’m in the precarious position of trying to wait it out, or remove Joseph from the program. I really don’t want the latter. I think the socializing is good for him, and I know it’s good for dad to have some time to himself. When I deploy sometime next year, I think it will be even more important. I also don’t want my child to be miserable, though they tell me he is fine not long after we leave. I’ve been considering asking if it would be possible to switch to the second room, but that is typically reserved for full time students and Joe only attends three days a week. Any other parents experienced a similar situation? If so, what did you do?

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!

This week in pictures:




Song title for this post is “Cry to Me” by Soloman Burke

Photos shot with Hipstamatic for iPhone


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