Five-hundred twenty-five thousand six-hundred minutes…

It has been a long time since I have had the energy and the courage to put together a blog post. 2013 has been a mix of emotion, stress, victories and defeat. Some of the events over the past year have been pretty life-altering. It’s hard to know where to start. This will be the condensed version, and hopefully a few of these events will spawn future posts.

How do you measure a year in the life?

We lost our 5-year old pug-mix, Lola, after a sudden illness last January. One of the most gut-wrenching things I’ve had to do in my life was to let her go.

In February, we welcomed Elinor (aka: Ellie) to the family. She was 9-months when we brought her home. When we had her spayed in May it was confirmed she suffers from a condition called ataxia. We’ll talk more about that one later.

March and April saw my descent into Generalized Anxiety Disorder begin. I was denied an opportunity to apply for a military teaching position, railroaded at a job I’d spent 2-years busting my hump for, had my spirit and my will pretty much crushed.

May rolled around and my little boy turned 3. How has that much time passed already? Mind…blown.

In June my Uncle John, a Lt. Col in the Army, was hit by a car while walking with my cousin at their duty station in Spain. He was medevac’d to Landstuhl, which coincidently is near where I am stationed.

July brought the massive panic attack that caused me to walk out on the senior NCO of my duty section. You can read more about him in prior postings. I started on an anti-anxiety medication the following day.

Most of August was a Paxil-fueled haze. Paxil is the medication they put me on. I’ve never been on any kind of antidepressants prior to this, and it was kind of kick in the taco. I can tell you with certainty, there will be a post about the use of antidepressants, all the fun side-effects and the withdrawal. Oh the withdrawal.

September comes around and all of a sudden I have a preschooler and a new job.

October found me filling a different parenting role while Tom helped my uncle get to and from therapy when my aunt needed to go back to the United States. Joseph enjoyed coming to work with me (paper monsters and airplanes!) and even made some money.

November saw me go all Britney Spears when I chopped my hair off. No, I didn’t shave my head, but I sure as heck did cut off a whole lot of tangled mess. This is when I really discovered just how grey my hairline is getting.

December. Hair=dyed. Not ready to embrace my inner Rogue (ya know..from X-Men) would you measure your year?

Song: “Season’s of Love” from the film/play Rent


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