I Go to Extremes

I am a self professed “car rocker.”  For some reason, when I am in the car I feel no shame. If you pull up next to me at a stoplight, there will be hand motions, invisible microphones and air drumming. Oh, and singing. Loudly and off-key. It’s my pep-up on the way to work and my calm-down on the way home. Not to mention, it’s just fun.

I think one of the biggest reasons I get so into it is because it embarasses the hell out of my spouse. So much so that he’s discussed getting an old limo so he can close the center divider and not have to look at me. If he wants to get a limo, I’m all for being chauffeured around.  I’d even get him a special hat. Even better, it embarasses the kid. Three-years-old and already ashamed of his mom. I’m so proud. Just wait honey, it gets better. 

Anyone else enjoy a good car concert?  I need to find someone else who can appreciate my “Love Rollercoaster” hand rollercoasters.


Song Title: “I Go to Extremes” by Billy Joel



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